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Two Schools, One Location

Oak Hill Christian School and The Kilns of Herndon

            Even though The Kilns is a new school, we are able from the beginning to provide outstanding value for your son or daughter.  This is because we enjoy a close relationship with our sister school, Oak Hill Christian School.  Our schools will share our building, great teachers, most classes as well as athletic teams.


            Our facility includes a 14,000 square foot building, a gym and play area.  Upper school P.E. classes also meet at the year-round soccer field across the street at Arrowbrook Centre Park.  Our home court for volleyball games and practices is Cassel’s Sports Complex just down the road. 

Our Story

            The Kilns of Herdon brings you a family tradition of school innovation.  In 1961 Robert Thoburn Sr. and his wife, Rosemary, started America’s first privately owned Christian school.  They had come to the conviction that schools should ultimately be responsible only to parents.  For decades they helped spread a movement that came to include thousands of Christian schools.


            Having run their own school since 1997, Robert Thoburn Jr. and Sheila Thoburn today recognize that Christian parents are seeking a model of schooling that gives them a much more direct, hands-on role with their children.  The Kilns is one of a fast growing number of schools that provides this opportunity. 

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