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Kindergarten - 5th – Grammar School

A student begins learning something new with the grammar of a subject.  He learns basic facts and terminology as well as skills such as reading and penmanship.  While elements of grammar are always taught, these are emphasized in K-5th grade. 


It is important to correctly teach these skills and knowledge because they will be used at every step of future learning.  In elementary school, elements of logic and rhetoric can also be found. For example, students practice their rhetorical skills talking before a class or group of parents. 


With our outstanding phonics and reading program most kindergarteners read on a second grade level by the end of the year.   First through fifth graders enjoy many classic children’s books and works of historical fiction such as Frog and Toad are Friends, Caps for Sale and Curious George as well as Laughing Princess of the Desert, Pinocchio, the Hobbit, and The God King


Basic music literacy is taught using Kodály method.  Students begin learning to read and write music and to see it as a language.  Imagine looking at music you’ve never seen before and being able to sing it without practice or being able to read it just as one reads a book.


Students receive an unforgettable foundation in the structure of English grammar using Shurley English.  They learn to write prose and poetry through imitation using IEW ( and Canon Press Writing Trails with Great Composers, Fairy Tales, and Medieval Legends


Other classes include Latin (Canon Press, Logos, Classical Academic Press),

math (We use Saxon one grade level ahead), history (Veritas Press), bible (Veritas Press), art and penmanship.

Spelling follows the model of the Phonetic Zoo.

Elementary science courses in chemistry, space and earth science, biology, and physics focus on basics and on keeping observations in a notebook. 

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