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Robert Thoburn teaches history, government and economics.  With his wife, Sheila, he lives in Herndon and has five sons and four daughters as well as five grandchildren.  Robert serves as a deacon at Grace Christian Church in Herndon (PCA).  He earned a B.A. at Grove City College studying business as well as Austrian economics under Dr. Hans F. Sennholz.  In 1990 he graduated with a Juris Doctor from Pepperdine University School of Law.


Justin Sutters

Dr. Sutters is our part-time art instructor.  He is is the Director of the Graduate Art Education program at George Mason University. He attained a PhD in Art Education from the Ohio State University and has extensive K-12 teaching experience including two years in Brazil. His research is presented regularly both nationally and internationally and is published widely.



David Sabin teaches English and Boys' PE. Born into a family of missionaries to Botswana and Guatamala, he has taught for 15 years. 
Mr. Sabin is piano player and a fluent speaker of Spanish.   He participates in music ministry, prayer team and a food bank at his congregation, Grace Tabernacle Church, in Ashburn. He is married with two children and holds a B.S. in English Education and a master’s in Educational Administration from Pensacola Christian College.



Rita Barillas has tuaght at classical Christian schools in Georgia and Virginia.  She has three children and is earning her Master's in Classical Christian Studies from New Saint Andrews College.  She currently holds a B.S. in English Magna Cum Laude from Liberty University.  Originally from Pennsylvania, Mrs. Barillas spent seven years teaching on the mission field in El Salvador.



Katherine Culver earned an elementary education degree as an honor student at Methodist University.  She has taught at two classical Christian schools in Virginia.  Mrs. Culver and her husband, William, a tennis coach, worship at Potomac Hills Presbyterian Church in Leesburg and have two beautiful daughters.

Simpson Anne 2019.jpg

Anne Simpson

Anne Simpson teaches music full time.   She has been teaching for 15 years and is currently earning a Kodály music teaching certification from New Saint Andrews College.  She speaks Russian on an advanced level and also teaches piano.


Andrew Privler

Andrew Privler teaches mathematics.  He studied history earning a B.A and an M.A.  He went on to become a math teacher for over 30 years in New York City and in Prince George’s County schools.

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